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Herod and Augustus: 2005 International Conference (Institute of Jewish Studies, UCL)




During the three days of the ‘Herod and Augustus’ Conference held at University College London (21 to 23 June 2005), under the auspices of the Institute of Jewish Studies, leading experts in Herodian and Augustan studies from across the globe were brought together to present the results of their research and to engage in a constructive encounter.  The event was well attended and the lectures generated lively debate.  This followed on the heel of a conference at the British Museum on the theme of the ‘World of the Herods and the Nabataeans’ (17 to 19 April 2001) – the first of its type ever held in the UK – published in two volumes under the editorship of Nikos Kokkinos and Konstantinos Politis, respectively. The success of both conferences has encouraged the possibility of repeating such international gatherings in London, perhaps at four yearly intervals, like Herod’s prestigious quadrennial games.  Indeed another event is being discussed for 2009 or 2010.  These would considerably raise the profile of the UK in this important field of study.  Through such efforts, fresh insights have been gained on developments in the cultural sphere that were fostered by the Pricipate of Augustus, and its reciprocal relationship with client monarchies, among which Herod’s Judaea occupies a prominent place.  Appended below is the original programme of the 2005 conference, followed by the announcement of publication of the procceedings.













3-day International Conference


21st-23rd June 2005





Sponsored by

The Cecil and Irene Roth Memorial Trust






Venue:  Cruciform Building, University College London


Gower Street, London WC1 (unless otherwise stated)



Conference Organisers: David JACOBSON

                                         Nikos KOKKINOS



 <<Tuesday 21st June 2005>>


  9:30      Opening remarks


Session 1:  Augustan and Herodian Ideology


  9:45      Erich GRUEN , University of California,


               Herod, Rome and the Diaspora


10:30      Karl GALINSKY, University of Texas:

               The Augustan Programme of Cultural Renewal


11:15      Coffee


11:45      Achim LICHTENBERGER Westfälische 

               Wilhelms-Universität, Münster:

               The Building Ideology of Herod in Relation to Rome and 



12:30      Lunch  (not provided)


Session 2:  Documentary Evidence


  2:00      Mark TOHER, Union College, New York:

               Herod, Augustus and Nicolaus of Damascus


  2:45      Joseph SIEVERS, Pontifical Biblical Institute, 


               Herod, Josephus and Laqueur: a Reconsideration


  3:30      Tea


  4:00      Donald T. ARIEL, Israel Antiquities Authority,


               The Coins of Herod the Great in the Context of the Augustan



  4:45      David GOODBLATT, University of California,

               San Diego:

               Dating Documents in Herodian Judaea



<<Wednesday 22nd June 2005>>


Session 3:  Augustan and Herodian Building Programmes


  9:45      Joseph GEIGER, Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

               Rome and Jerusalem:  Public Building and the Economy


10:30      Ehud NETZER, Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

               Palaces and the Planning of Complexes in Herod's Realm


11:15      Coffee


11:45      Joseph PATRICH, Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

               Herodian Entertainment Structures


12:30      Lunch  (not provided)


Session 4:  Individual Herodian Sites


  2:00      Barbara BURRELL, University of Cincinnati:

               Herod's Caesarea on Sebastos: Urban Structures and



  2:45      Gideon FOERSTER, Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

               Herodian Masada in the Light of Hellenistic and Roman Art

               and Architecture


  3:30      Tea


Session 5:  Applied Arts in the Herodian Kingdom


 4:00       Silvia ROZENBERG, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem:

               Stylistic Influences on Wall Paintings of the Herodian Period

               in Israel


  4:45      Malka HERSHKOVITZ, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem:

               Herodian Pottery


  5:30      Reception in The Haldane Room



  6:30      Public Lecture:   in the Gustave Tuck Theatre, UCL


               Dan BAHAT, University of Toronto:

               The Herodian Temple Mount




<<Thursday 23rd June 2005>>


Session 6:  Administration and Client Network


  9:45      Anthony A. BARRETT, University of British Columbia,


               Augustus and Herod: a Special Relationship? Rome and the

               Client Kings


10:30      Denis SADDINGTON, University of Witwatersrand:

               Client Kings' Armies under Augustus – The Case of Herod


11:15      Coffee


11:45      Stephan SCHMID, University of Montpellier:

               Nabatean Royal Propaganda:  A Response to Herod and 



12:30      John CREIGHTON, University of Reading :

               Augustan Client Policy and Britain and the West


  1:15      Lunch  (not provided)


Session 7:  Religion under Augustus and Herod


  2:45      Ittai GRADEL, University of Copenhagen:

               The Imperial Cult under Augustus


  3:30      Daniel R. SCHWARTZ, Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

               One Temple and Many Synagogues:  On Religion and State in 

               Herodian Judaea and Augustan Rome


  4:15      Closing Remarks


  4:30      Reception    (in the Haldane Room, UCL)




David M. Jacobson and Nikos Kokkinos (eds), Herod and Augustus (Leiden/Boston: Brill), 2008.


This volume brings together nineteen studies by foremost experts in the period of Herod and Augustus, and highlights recent progress in elucidating the phenomenon of Herod the Great in the context of the Roman imperial order inaugurated by Augustus. They illuminate Herod’s pre-eminent role in the Augustan client network and his remarkable energies, expressed in an extensive building programme which has left substantial remains. The literary records of Herod’s life and times, primarily by Josephus, are critically examined here in relation to the documentary and archaeological evidence.

Link: Herod and Augustus at Brill